Our church began its life in March of 1975 when a group of Christians from Valley Presbyterian Church in North Hills gathered for worship in the home of Gil and Marilyn Dulap. As attendance grew the service moved to the small auditorium of A.E. Wright Middle School and finally to to their gym. At the time, the church was technically a core group of our mother church.  It wasn’t until the Spring of 1977 that the church formally incorporated as Calabasas Presbyterian Church.  Rev. Jim Singleton was called to serve as our first pastor at that time.

Calabasas Presbyterian Church met at the middle school for thirteen years before, in October of 1990, the church purchased our current property at 4235 Las Virgenes Road.  In December of that year we purchased four portable buildings from A.E. Wright Middle School and

October of 1990 the site at 4235 Las Virgenes Rd. was cleared. In December the same year grading began to house the four portable buildings in April of 1991, the buildings were placed on their new foundations and the work to renovate them and turn them into our current church facilities was begun.

In 1991, Rev. Randy Martin was called to serve as pastor, and on September 8, 1991, he led us in our first worship service in our new, re-purposed church facilities.  On October 13 of that year, the church was dedicated and changed their name to Church in the Canyon (CITC).

In August of 1995, Poe Park was built in memory of Rene Smith’s and Sherryl Philen’s parents.  The rose garden in this park was dedicated in 2004 in honor of the mothers whose names are listed on the commemorative plaque.  The rose bushes were given by the families whose mothers were remembered.

In 1996, Rev. Martin resigned and the church was served by an interim pastor, Rev. Ted Neale.  During that time, the congregation bought the house we own in Oak Park.  In March, 1998, the Rev. Steve Muzio was called to pastor the church and was the first pastor to live in the manse.  In 2003, the Lord blessed Church in the Canyon with the financial resources with which the mortgages on both the church property and the manse were paid off.  In 2006, Rev. Muzio took a call to pastor a church in his home state of Alabama and resigned his call to serve here.

In August, 2007, Rev. Bob Bjerkaas was called to serve as the fourth senior pastor of Church in the Canyon.